At Visits, we realized the importance of AMP early and started to build AMP-pages to our clients as soon as we understood that AMP can help our clients to sell more.

During the last months we have been running tests using Adwords Experiments. We were especially interested in seeing how AMP and shorten loading times affected conversion rates on our clients. Below we are presenting results from an A/B-test made on a client active in one of the most expensive segments in search engine marketing; finance.
Impressed by our findings, we are now building more and more AMP-pages for most of our large and enterprise clients, across all markets.” Says Leif Grenevall, CEO of Adtraction Visits.

Interesting results from one of our A/B test’s performed on a clients Adwords-account in which we sent mobile clicks to the AMP-page within the finance segment during 18:th March to 16:th April 2017:


We added the AMP URL as the mobile final URL on the ads. We tracked clicks on the application button on both versions (Original and AMP). The design and appearance was identical on both the original and the AMP version. The results are presented below.


AMP: 244 conversions (14,66% CVR)
Original page: 205 conversions on the original pages (11,45% CVR)
(An increase in CVR of 19,02 % compared to the original page.)


CPC for AMP: The average CPC was 7,85% lower on AMP than on the original pages.

Load time:

AMP: 0,6 seconds (DOM Content Loaded)
Original page: 3,8 seconds (DOM Content Loaded) is a Swedish based SEO agency founded 2012 with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden and offices in Lund and Helsinki, Finland.
As a Google Premier Partner with m-site certification Visits today serves companies within Financial Services, Retail, Travel and Digital Contentment across 27 markets.

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